Calling All Fashion Brands!

This one’s for you!


So, you’ve started your fashion business, now what? This question is one that almost all business owners ask themselves at some point — there was even a time when our CEO + Head Doll, Caroline, asked herself that very same question. 

As a boutique PR agency that specializes in fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands, we understand that each client should be presented to the media in a unique and strategic way. Simply put, sometimes cookie cutter PR methods won’t work when selling your brand to press and media outlets.

Fashion based brands, typically fall into one of two categories: 

    1. A boutique owner who carefully curates trends each season 

    2. The designer who sketches and creates those pieces 

Regardless of the category you fall into, the tools you need for successful fashion PR are the same! Here is a peak into some tricks of the trade for getting your fashion brand featured in the media.


✦The Press Release

A well crafted press release is the first step in getting noticed by the media. When done successfully, your press releases will tell the media exactly how you want you and your brand to be perceived.

Press releases are a tool that help you control the narrative, and provide an insight into what makes your brand unique. Your ideal client always wants to know what the press is saying about you, so press releases are instrumental for successful media pitching.



No, we aren’t talking about baseball. Think of this like an elevator pitch!

Start by putting together a fact sheet. This should consist of text that highlights the most important facets of your brand as well as supporting imagery.

You’ll then want to create a PR plan where you map out your year. This may include your goals and media outlets that you want to be featured in. Creating this plan helps you streamline the process, and makes reaching out to to multiple media outlets that much easier.

Now, let’s pitch! It is crucial to avoid copying and pasting the same pitch every time. The key to being successful here is connection. Finding common ground with the writer allows for you to outwardly say why your brand aligns with theirs, and why they should feature you in an upcoming publication.

For example, if you want to be featured in Elle Magazine this is how you may begin your pitch: 

“Hi, ______! 

My name is ___ and I am the CEO of ____, a clothing brand that takes pride in creating beautiful pieces for the fashion forward woman! I recently saw your article in ELLE Magazine about upcoming trends for the fall, which made me think of one of my latest designs!” 

Lastly, don’t forget to follow-up to ensure no connections are missed!


✦Press Kits

One of our favorite services to execute for our clients is creating Press Kits!

There is no better way to get people fired up about your brand or product than sharing it with them. This may come in the form of a pretty box filled with thoughtfully curated items that tell your brand’s story, or maybe a sweet folder filled with #allthethings about your brand. This process is focused around connecting you to publications and influencers who will help create a buzz surrounding your brand on social media. Remember, never underestimate the power of a hashtag strategy.

We believe when it comes to PR, there are certain formulas to follow, and at POSH PR® we know that Fashion PR has a formula of its own! From the creation of your brand’s very first press release all the way to crafting a pitch to a major publication, selling your brand to the media can be a little daunting. We help our clients through each step by creating customized PR plans that fit their brand and goals perfectly!



The PR Dolls