A Pretty Party for a Tasty Treat

Dare we say this is our most delicious client?!


We are so excited for our sweet client Miss Maude’s Bar of Chocolates! This is not your ordinary chocolate bar. When we first started working with Miss Maude, we tasted her mouthwatering bar of eight different chocolate pieces, each filled with something scrumptious from around the world. But as if things couldn’t get sweeter, she is now offering a Secret Single Behavior bar!

What does this mean? Well, Miss Maude tapped into every girl’s dream: a night in with your favorite snacks and extravagancies! Whether you celebrate those nights in with a glass of wine or a jar of peanut butter, Miss Maude has wrapped every guilty pleasure into one oh-so-indulgent bar!

We could not have had more fun with this photoshoot. First of all, rounding up all the yummy ingredients: peanut butter, saltine crackers, strawberry ice cream, potato chips, red wine, pretzels, butter caramel & Cheerios! Not only did we have a blast styling all these yummy treats, but we got to add in some of our favorite things, too: pretty books, Parisian accessories, and fluffy pink pillows.

For the launch of the Secret Single Behavior or SSB bar, Miss Maude is throwing a fabulous party tonight in New York City! We assisted in compiling a hot guest list and sending out lavish invitation boxes (the way we do press kits!). Putting all of this together for Miss Maude was almost as fun as eating the chocolate!

We’d love to help you with content creation, event planning, and PR for your product or service launch, too! Just give us a call—you don’t even have to bring chocolate!


The PR Dolls