Meet Kym: Our Operations Manager


(1) Growing up, career aspirations always seem to change. Yes, some people are born with a defined passion for say, animals, and devote the rest of their education to becoming a vet! But for many of us, that’s not the case! Can you recall the career goals you had growing up?

Growing up I always wanted to be a dancer. I danced my whole life and then the movie Center Stage came out and I thought, "OMG I could totally live in New York and be a sassy ballerina!" And then I came to terms with the reality that I was 5 feet tall and I should start finding some back up plans! 

(2) In high school, what guided you in making your college decision? Did you already know your major going into college? If not, which year did you choose your major and what was it?

I realized I wanted to major in fashion probably when I was in middle school. I was always the girl in my friend group that had the closet that was open to everyone! It wasn't until I got into high school that I found out that fashion merchandising was a major that existed! I immediately knew that I had to look into pursuing that more!

(3) Did you have a dream job in mind for after college? Did you have any internships or jobs during college?

I wanted to be a buyer for a boutique and in college I interned at Buckle!

(4) What is one thing you wish you did differently during your time in high school/college?

 I wish I would have applied myself to my studies a little more! 

(5) Okay, let’s talk #adultlife now. What was your first job out of college? What did you like and not like about it? 

I was a Program Administrator for a government contracting firm. I actually loved that job! I would onboard and train employees and prep them prior to being deployed oversees to work on military machinery. I also handled all their travel and ensured that they were properly paid every week! I loved being able to meet so many people and actually enjoyed the training process a lot! What I didn't love so much was having an on-call phone from time to time for emergencies. I found myself being woken up at all hours of the night because of missed flights! 

(6) Rumor has it, you were scouted for POSH PR® at a bar. Say what?! Explain!

I sure was! I was out celebrating a friend's engagement party and earlier that day I had gotten a spray tan and I was wearing a new dress --  feeling s'cute! I was approached by a doll who said she' love to have me model for an upcoming event! I kinda laughed her offer off and told her I didn't usually look so done up but we ended exchanging numbers anyways! Sure enough, the following Thursday, I found myself at my first of many POSH PR® fashion shows. I immediately knew I would somehow become part of POSH PR®!

(7) Can you explain your current position now? What do you love most about what you do at POSH PR®?

I don't know why, but every time I'm asked this question, I laugh. My role has evolved so much since I've been at POSH PR® and every day really does hold something different than the one before it! But in short, I handle our operations, events and special projects! The thing I love most about my job is the people -- I love seeing a client happy with their brand and excited about what is to come for their future! I also love working with #THEPRDOLLS everyday! 

(8) Oftentimes, people can idealize working anywhere outside of a 9-5 cubicle. You’ll hear things like, “Ah! You have so much flexibility; you can wear whatever you want…” Could you compare and contrast what it’s like to work at a corporate job vs. what it’s like to work at a boutique start up? 

For sure! It's definitely night and day. In the corporate world, you typically clock in at 8am and clock out and 5pm. I don't think there is always as much of a connection to the actual work that you're doing because you may have multiple layers of managers that it is passed through until it arrives at its final destination. Where as with a small boutique start up, I sit next to my CEO everyday and work side by side with her to ensure that we're serving our clients well and sometimes that will start at 8am and end at 8pm. I think there is definitely more flexibility which is wonderful but there is also a lot more responsibility as well that comes with working with a small organization!

(9) What experience and/or lessons do you think you have taken away from your past jobs that have prepared you for where you are today?

I always seemed to have operational or process based roles! I think that has helped me with my role now because I handle all our operations! 

(10) Do you have any words of advice for your 20 year old self?!

Nothing super intense -- I wish I would have started making healthier habits when I was younger. Drink more water, incorporate fitness into my daily routine, etc. At 28 I'm still working on trying to make those things part of my daily routine! 

(11) What’s your favorite part about working at POSH PR® ?

The people and seeing our clients happy with their brand! I also love how no two days are the same -- it keeps you on your toes!


(1) Favorite weekend activity: 
Spending time with my husband and our sweet black lab, Rex! They're my favorite company to keep!
(2) Favorite Starbucks drink: I have a few -- when going for coffee, I do a Skinny Caramel Machiatto and when going for something a little more refreshing, I love a Passion Tea Lemonade!
(3) New York City or Miami: NYC for sure!!!
(4) Cupcake or Macaron: #allthesweets
(5) Salad or Burger:  100% a burger!