“Better Questions Make Better Strategy”

At the beginning of a client “brain dump,” we warn the following: This might feel a little odd. We are probably going to ask the same question over and over. We are probably going to ask you questions you have never thought of; that is okay. You are allowed to say skip, but we will come back to it!” Now then, let’s begin…

This is what real communication looks like, Dolls. It can be uncomfortable, something you are not used to. But, like many things in life, that is where the magic happens. In order to communicate effectively with people, you have to be willing to dig a little deeper.

We recently came across a Forbes article about a new book on the market that is called, Superconnectors. In the book, the authors share key conversation pointers they believe enable anyone to talk with anyone anywhere. They explain that “Superconnectors will never ask questions that lead to yes, no, or other simplistic responses that don't allow them to gain new insights that will help them uncover new opportunities to provide value to those around them.” For instance, “How does your favorite color make you feel? What do you like about it?” Provides so much more value than merely asking, “What’s your favorite color?” “I like pink because it makes me feel feminine. It’s fun!” “Ah! What else is feminine to you?” Asking elaborate questions always leads to more valuable and interesting information!

Our favorite tip in the book? Something the authors like to call, “The Snowblower Effect.” They describe an introverted man who once cleared snow off the sidewalks for several blocks in his neighborhood. Neighbors noticed and started inviting him in for drinks. Breaking into conversation, especially as an introvert, can be intimidating. But kindness never goes unnoticed, Dolls. Kill the conversation with kindness! “Make being generous to others part of your daily routine and you'll be amazed that what once were closed doors will suddenly swing wide open for you.”

When in doubt, always, always ask people about themselves. What are they currently working on? What is their end goal? What would they like to see happen in the next few months? In the article, Steve Jobs Asked One Question That Took Apple From Near Bankruptcy To $1 Trillion, the case for the value of a certain kind of question is made. “Better questions make better strategy.” Asking someone what their passion is isn’t enough…Dig deeper! What makes them get up in the morning? What is their mission, their core value? What do they want to do differently than their competition?

Especially when it comes to PR, the ability to communicate effectively and in a relatable way is pivotal to your success! There’s no such thing as a stupid question, Dolls. But there is such thing as a strategic question!

So, let’s get the conversation going, Doll! Contact us here. What are you waiting for!? (Now that IS a good question!)


Caroline + The PR Dolls