Business À La Carte

As you may know, POSH PR® celebrated the wedding of our final bride a couple weeks ago. POSH PR® got its start in the wedding industry and it will forever be a part of our D.N.A. However, we have just changed our approach ever so slightly. Now? We work with wedding planners in helping them attract their ideal brides and audience! One such client? R.S.V.P. Events!

Raela is the mastermind behind R.S.V.P. events, a Nashville-based wedding planning and design company. The girl can plan a wedding like Monet paints a landscape. With her attention to ethereal detail, her weddings exude romance and mystery, transporting you to another time and place. Like many of you Dolls, she runs her own show. While she is busy with floral design, she’s also managing R.S.V.P.’s finances. When she is meeting with a chef and curating a wedding menu, she is also planning out her calendar for the rest of the year. 

No Doll is an island. #THEPRDOLLS are here to be the solo-business owner’s business BFF. (Kind of like cherry-picking your co-workers when and how you want them.) Once a week, Raela participates in what we call a “Doll Date.” For two-hours, she chats with Caroline, our CEO, brainstorming, strategizing, discussing anything that enables her to run her business in the best way possible. And yes, sometimes this does turn into a chat about life — because, let’s be honest, when you’re a business owner, the two often blend together!

Recently, we also helped Raela with a wedding submission for a publication. We were able to help her create a description that seamlessly communicated her overall vision and aesthetic for the wedding!


We get it, Dolls. You’re busy doing what you love. Social media isn’t your thing?! Perfect! There’s a Doll for that. Writing isn’t your thing? There’s a Doll for that, too. Now, if only there was a Doll who could design your website….oh, wait! 

POSH PR® is your à la carte business BFF, Dolls. Let’s work together!


Caroline + The PR Dolls