How We Build a Brand in 2 Hours

Give #THEPRDOLLS two hours and a glass of champagne, and we will give you a brand. We’re serious! At the end of our two hour on boarding meetings with new clients, we are able to go straight to the drawing board (or rather, the mood board) and build a brand that communicates your aesthetic and mission in words and images. 


Unfortunately, we call these meetings “brain dumps.” Yes, Dolls. We are well aware this is not the prettiest term in the dictionary, however brain dumps are the key to our success. We have developed an approach to these on boarding meetings that enable us, within two hours, to walk away feeling productive and equipped.

Meetings are valuable. Meetings don’t always have to be about meetings. Below are five ways to conduct your next meeting and leave feeling accomplished!

1.) Begin at the End

When preparing for your meeting, write down your end goal or objectives. What are the main things you insist upon having answered or complete? Always return to these objectives throughout your meeting until you are happy with the result! #reverseengineer

2.) Ice-Breaker

We know, we know. Ice-breakers posses the stigma of cliché. But, let’s be honest, Dolls. We all laugh and roll our eyes at an ice-breaker, as if it is beneath our maturity level! We dismiss it as “cute!” But ice-breaker do just that. They break beyond the corporate cube of cool and start the conversation! The questions don’t even have to pertain to the meeting topic. We promise if you invest in five minutes of “get-to-know-you” questions, everybody in the room will be a little more at ease and a little more willing to talk — because they already have!

3.) Ask the same question multiple times

Every question bears repeating. Why? Because no two answers are the exact same. Especially if you ask the same question with a slight variance in the word selection. Also, allowing a person to come back to a question, after they have had the time to think about it and form more thoughts tends to yield a more in-depth, detailed answer. You want to hear #allthethings!


Put us to the test, Doll. As you know, Champagne Is Always The Answer. So, let’s grab a little bubbly, chat for a couple of hours, and build the brand of your dreams!


Caroline + The PR Dolls

Photography: Colleen Megan Photography