We’ve Gone Fishin’ | Wildlife Foundation of Virginia Branding | POSH PR®

As you know, POSH PR® is a small boutique PR agency in Richmond, Va., specializing in lifestyle, fashion and beauty brands. You may think that loving pink, all things pretty, and champagne is a requirement to work with us. But as soon as you had us pegged in a pretty pink box, #THEPRDOLLS are thinking outside of it and creating a brand identity, website and curating content for social media for the Wildlife Foundation of Virginia!


Hunting, fishing, camouflage and…brown. #THEPRDOLLS are proud to say we now know what a white-tailed deer looks like, the difference between types of fowl and where and when you can hunt them and the importance of conserving land for public access and outdoor recreation!

Now, don’t go standing there like a deer in headlights, Doll. Good branding is good branding. Once you have mastered the fundamental elements of branding, you can apply them to any business! 

We learned quite a bit from our meeting with the Wildlife Foundation of Virginia. Land conservation and outdoor recreation was a new world to us. So, in order to truly understand their mission, we asked a lot of questions! From how they got their start, the stories behind the land they have acquired, their youth initiatives, why and what they love about what they do and finally, why the re-brand?

In order to engage with a younger demographic, WFV felt they needed an update. Their website and social media presence needed a future-forward touch. If we’re being honest, all parties involved were curious to see what we could do. 

We’re proud to say #THEPRDOLLS delivered another (pretty) cool brand! From logo and website design, to copy writing, blogging and social media management, when it comes to branding, this little boutique PR agency can point and shoot, doll. Click here to see the finished product!

After all, hunting is a lifestyle, isn’t it?


Caroline + The PR Dolls