The Boss Doll

We have some very exciting news!

Our CEO and Head Doll Caroline has written a book! 

For those of you who know Caroline personally, this shouldn’t come to you as a surprise but for those of you who don’t, let’s just say Caroline likes to go big or go home. She is the utmost definition of a #bossdoll, who tackles every challenge and opportunity she faces head on and of course writing a e-book was no different. 

When the idea of writing a book popped into her head she locked herself in her office for a weekend until the task was complete with flying colors. Some may call her crazy but that’s what they all said when she originally made plans to leave her 6 figure medical sales position 7 years ago before starting POSH PR® in the first place! Look where she is now! She’s writing a book about how you can start living the life you had always dreamed of following the same tips and tricks that she did!  

A How To Guide: The Importance Of Becoming The Face Of Your Lifestyle Brand And How To Launch In 25 Days

— Is dedicated to every #bossdoll who wants to build her dream life, one glass of Champagne at a time. All the resources you need in order to start intentionally designing the life you want to live are only a few simple clicks away!

Get your copy now on available for $25 for a limited time when using the code:


Additional information can be found on Instagram,  here !

Additional information can be found on Instagram, here!


We can’t wait for you all to be enlightened and start living the lives you have always dreamed of! You’ve got this doll!