Show Them Love, And They Will Come!

Photo via  pinterest

Photo via pinterest

When POSH PR® was started, there were many things to consider for our success in the future! Would an all pink brand appeal to all of our clients? Would talking about champagne and tutus still allow us to be taken seriously? Most importantly, how would we convince women to work with us?

We've all heard of the unspoken rule that all women inevitably compete against one another. Almost every client we've worked with has their own version of a "mean girl" experience in a previous job where they felt they were undermined or taken advantage of by another woman who needed to be seen as bigger and better in the workplace. 

We wanted to change that, dolls, so this business was built on love! 

We want to encourage our clients to follow us, not fear us. We believe in creating an atmosphere of kindness, and we stay focused on how we can better our brand for our clients' success (and ultimately, our success). Like our Head Doll and CEO, Caroline, always says, "Words of Affirmation, everyone!" For those of you unfamiliar with the 5 Love Languages, we believe in showering those around us with compliments and kind words to build up their self esteem and make them feel loved. The more confident our dolls are, the more eager they are to work harder and longer at their goals!

We may have built a brand that talks about candy pink kisses, unicorns, and rainbows, but it's because we want everyone who walks into our doors to feel absolutely welcome and happy to be there! Any and all inquiries are welcome, (and most importantly, you don't have to love pink as much as we do to work with us)! 

We want to be your Business Best Friend! Click here to start working with us today!


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