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While we would love nothing more to work with you face-to-face in building your brand, we understand that isn’t always possible. But building your brand is ALWAYS possible and we want to help with the POSH PR® Brand Identity Digital Download! Think of it as your workbook to success!

At POSH PR®, we are serious when we say we are your business BFF. A BFF is a person who knows you through and through. You have spent hours and hours together, learning everything there is to know about the other. They know the personality quirks that make you YOU. They have listened to your dreams and keep you accountable when it comes to ensuring each step you take in life is one step closer to your dream life. This is exactly how we approach building your brand. And now, we want you to be able to build your own brand with our new Brand Identity Digital Download!


For each of our clients, we look forward to conversations over a bit of bubbly. In the beginning, most of our clients feel as though they do not know how to describe their business, or have never thought about answers to particular questions. Admittedly, they are nervous! Eventually, however, our POSH PR® ice-breaker questions turn into two hours of fun conversation. Our specialty is asking questions that enable you to dig deeper and discover why it is you are building this unique brand of yours and where you want it to go! 

While we would love nothing more to work with you face-to-face and get to know #allthethings about your brand, we understand that isn’t possible for everybody. But we STILL want you to be able to build a beautiful brand that makes your heart jump for excitement. So we have created a Brand Identity Digital Download to do our very best to talk you through the brand building process digitally (we still encourage you to pop a glass of champagne, doll.) 

This download is broken down into nine sections that comprehensively cover every part of your brand: Brand Identity, Logo, Color Selection, Font Selection, Texture, Mood, Key Words, Mission, About, and Ideal Client!


If you want to build a brand that has NO competition, you will want to take a look at this download, doll. Authenticity is something we value SO much and we are so passionate about cultivating your originality that we have discovered the best questions to really draw it out! By the end, you will have completed YOUR brand's identity!:


Click here to get your very own Brand Identity Digital Download and start building a brand with the POSH PR® touch! And for a limited time, use the discount code #THEPRDOLLS to receive 10% off of your purchase! 


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Caroline Kalentzos