How Your Content Could Be Better - 3 Lessons in PR!


People crave information just as much as they avoid it. 

We all have an innate desire to be entertained, informed, inspired, and even shocked! We’re created to use this unique faculty! On the flip side, however, in today’s world, sharing information is becoming just as second-nature. Just because we can share information, doesn’t always mean we should. Needless to say, we’re living in a a world of informational overload, so much so that digital detox resorts are actually a thing!

So how can you keep your content worth staying plugged-in for? From Instagram captions to blog posts, here are three ways to ensure your content is engaging!

1.) Consistency

Scheduling and maintaining when you post is pivotal to engagement. Predictable timing creates expectation. Consistency also conveys quality to your audience. If you’ve taken the effort to schedule and organize your content, that can safely imply the content, itself, is high quality and read-worthy! 

2.) More Authenticity, Less Adjectives

While your product may be pretty, pink and perfect — at the end of the day, it’s not the words you use that will sell the product. Now that I think about it, at the end of the day, describing and selling your product shouldn’t be your end goal. Relating to your client or customers is! It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it! How will this product or service relate to your ideal client/customer? How will it add value to their life? For instance, at POSH PR®, we know how to make a pretty, fun and eye-catching brand. But rarely is that all we have to say. We tend to work with brands that are run by a one-woman-show. Just like every woman needs a BFF, every business needs a BFF. We’re here to offer supplementary services such as social media management, blogging, website design and image curation — we’re your business BFF! 

3.) Get Personal!

This is probably the easiest way to connect with your audience, dolls, and so many of us dismiss it! When we tell our story, we’re sharing a reality with our audience. It inspires your readers to know that aspiring for your dreams and accomplishing your dreams is a reality! It encourages them to think, “If she can do it, maybe I can, too!” This is why we love for our clients to have a “Why Behind The Brand” blog post living on their sites. Let your audience connect with you!

We’re here to empower women. Learning about their stories and creating content that matches their dreams and ambitions is what we love to do! Contact us here if you’d like us to create engaging content for you! 


Caroline + The PR Dolls