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At POSH PR®, we are all about going above and beyond. So, yes! We believe being “extra” when it comes to promotional material like press kits is essential when it comes to increasing brand awareness! Want to learn how we create press kits that get those beautiful brand influencers to share all about it?! Click here!

So you have your brand identity. Your small-business is up and running. Now, how do you increase your brand awareness beyond friends, family, and the locals? Publicity. You need eye-catching promotional material that will draw the public’s eye to your brand. Gone are the days of posters and fliers, sweet doll. You need a press kit. Not only that, you need a party-in-a-box press kit that brand influencers will want to cross-promote on their social media platforms. Let’s dive into how POSH PR® creates impressionable press kits that are guaranteed to increase those online impressions!

First things first, dolls. You need to sit down and create a targeted list of likeminded brands, publications and influencers who are already covering and engaged in the type of product or service you provide. When we created a list for our client, Huntley Belle Designs, an online boutique for the stylish southern woman, we honed in on similar brands both big and small. From Garden & Gun to smaller influencer marketers like @bestfriendsforfrosting, we created a list of 25 contacts. We reached out to each, sharing a little bit about HBD, directing them to their online store, and asking if this brand is of interest to them! 

Next comes the press kit, itself. The items within your press kit should be specific to your brand and intentional in telling your brand’s story. Each item should all contribute to making your brand’s personality come alive! For HBD, we included small prints of art they’ve sold, Tart Deco Essie nail polish, Sugarfina pineapple candies, and a Thimble Press confetti push-pop! We came up with a clever little poem providing context for each treat: 

We’re throwing the colorful confetti and want you to celebrate, too!
Extending a bit of southern hospitality, with a pineapple treat just for you.
We threw in a pop of Tart Deco, to polish our online boutique that’s new.
Follow us @huntleybelledesigns to discover something pretty that’s tried and true!
We hope you share your HBD box with your social media crew,
Be sure to use #LoveMyHBD for a chance to win something pretty mailed directly to you!

Symbolism breakdown:
Art prints - straight from HBD’s shop!
Tart Deco Nail Polish - It is an art boutique, after all! This is such a cute play on “art deco.” And Essie? Such a feminine and fun brand!
Sugarfina Pinapple Candy - Well, pineapples are the symbol for southern hospitality, after all!
Thimblepress Confetti - “Colorful” is one of HBD’s keywords from their brand identity. So colorful confetti? What better way to celebrate!

Last but certainly NOT least, presentation. Think about the overall experience you want the recipients to encounter. Make it exciting! Make it different! Make it feel like they’ve received something so special they can’t NOT share it! Adding a little giveaway is also an easy way to increase cross-promotion, as well!

Wanting to increase your brand awareness? Contact us here! Let’s create a press kit that’s SO extra!


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Caroline Kalentzos