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There is so much more to being a boss babe than a trending hashtag, dolls. Truthfully, working for yourself is SO much harder than working for someone else! But it is that much more rewarding. You have the opportunity and freedom to create an environment where others can flourish! Seriously! It does not get more rewarding than that. In order for your business to succeed, your employees need to succeed. As an employer, it is your responsibility to create a working environment and work culture where this can happen! How do you do this? Let me share some #bossbabe tips for you!

Allow for a period of flux. In fact, EXPECT a period of flux. (Disclaimer: Especially if you own a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle PR agency where you wear many different hats!)

When hiring a new employee, the worst mistake you can make is locking them word-for-word to their job description and expecting perfect results. Last year I hired one employee as a Fashion PR Coordinator — she managed some writing projects and overall project management for our fashion PR clients. After three months, I noticed she flourished with writing and project management was not one of her strong suits. Now? Her title is Creative Copywriter. Another employee started out in a role of event planning only. More and more, she showed her ability to get-things-done. Now? She’s our business operations manager and her business card states: Posh Operations!

Always keep this in mind: Every individual has a unique skill set and talents nobody else possesses. Know that and believe that. 

Patience plays a key role here too, dolls. I fully believe if you are willing to invest in your employees, work with them in discovering their skill sets, and creating a work environment that allows them to succeed — THAT is when your business will succeed. 

Good things take time, dolls!

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