Meet Jeri: Our Executive Assistant!


(1) Growing up, career aspirations always seem to change. Yes, some people are born with a defined passion for say, animals, and devote the rest of their education to becoming a vet! But for many of us, that’s not the case! Can you recall the career goals you had growing up?

Ahh I was one of those exceptions to the rules kids who wanted to be the same thing since I understood the concept of a dream job! I grew up wanting to be a wedding planner and I actually was for almost 9 years! I feel like now, at 24 I have more dream jobs and career changes than I ever did growing up! Is Nasa hiring?! Maybe I should do that next month!

(2) In high school, what guided you in making your college decision? Did you already know your major going into college? If not, which year did you choose your major and what was it?

My sister went to Christopher Newport and being almost 10 years younger, I looked up to her with sparkle eyes and dreamed of going there to! I ended up picking and sticking with my major all 4 years of college however every year of college I went to a different school!!! Christopher Newport, University of Mary Washington, New York Institute of Art and Design then Liberty University where I graduated from with a Business Major and double minor in marketing and sales!

(3) Did you have a dream job in mind for after college? Did you have any internships or jobs during college?

Wedding Planning! I kind of did things backwards as I was always more of a worker than a student! I started wedding planning my freshman year of high school and that took priority over my classes — OOPS! I continued that over the course of my college career actually bringing on other classmates as interns to the business!

(4) What is one thing you wish you did differently during your time in high school/college?

Sorry mom and dad but I wish I had more of a LIFE! Haha! This is the only time you live with some of the best people youll ever meet, someone cooks every meal for you, even if it means coming on a tray and you are surrounded by so many different people from all walks of life and hosting individual stories. I wish I had asked more people more questions, I think THAT is how you learn the most.


(5) Okay, let’s talk #adultlife now. What was your first job out of college? What did you like and not like about it?

Ugh sorry my answers are getting repetitive, my job was wedding planning! Things I loved: Brides, Weddings, and I love love. Things I didn’t love: planning haha and I actually got the #BrideDepression where a wedding ends and you have a gaping hole in your life. Kind of how it feels when you finish a Netflix series.

(6) After college, you up and moved from small town Fredericksburg, Va. to Hawaii without knowing a soul. #girlyoucray! You went off the beaten path and totally did your own thing. What would you say to girls just graduating college who desire an adventure or to do things a little differently?

THiS iS mY fAvoRite Q!!! I’ve never really been a #StayOnTrack kinda gal, I mean, #FourCollegesFourYears. I have always been an ocean lover and as I got older it almost became as necessary for me as oxygen. It was the cure to #allthethings. So when college was over, and I had been so used to living my entire life in the squares of my campus, was feeling a little claustrophobic and I was ready to get out. I guess the cure to claustrophobia is an island? Im not sure how that one works…

(7) Can you explain your current position now? What do you love most about what you do at POSH PR®?

Hmm. Let me ask Caroline who I am today!!! Haha! No really I am her executive assistant but also a PR manager! I think all the Dolls at POSH PR® aren’t defined by job titles and are very much Dolls of All Trades?! Because each client is so different, the needs are so different which means our jobs are so different, every single day! Today you can call me #PhotographerDoll because we are creating some amazing new content!!! Stay tuned!

(8) Oftentimes, people can idealize working anywhere outside of a 9-5 cubicle. You’ll hear things like, “Ah! You have so much flexibility; you can wear whatever you want…” Could you compare and contrast what it’s like to work at a corporate job vs. what it’s like to work at a boutique start up? 

So embarrassingly enough, I was in a 9 to 5 job for 15 days before I quit! I had just turned 22 and wanted to get a job where I could work in an office, then wedding plan on the weekends because when you work for yourself for so long, you start to talk to your printer because its the only thing around. I wanted to be around other humans, but the 9 to 5 style was SO not for me. The one thing I DID appreciate about it was that my brain, even in a short period of time was able to adjust to only working during work hours versus as an entrepreneur, your brain things if its awake, you should be working. But I’m a creative in my bones, and 9 to 5 is my prison, so I’ll take the never ending brain storms over that. But hey if 9 to 5 works for you, then YOU GO DOLL! My brother THRIVES in 9 to 5.

(9) What experience and/or lessons do you think you have taken away from your past jobs that have prepared you for where you are today?

I think the main lesson I’ve learned and kept with me that breaks through any barriers of jobs is business is always a business about people. It is about connecting and relating to people. If your goal in business is to form a connection, the business will take care of itself.

(10) Do you have any words of advice for your 20 year old self?!

20 was actually my favorite year ever. Each year I have a word of the year and that one was #Fearless. I think my 20 something mean actually has more words for my current me than the other way around, maybe I should reread those journals?!

If I could say anything though I think it would be to be fiercely devoted to going after happiness and maybe not to worry so much about the boy, haha can I say that here?

(11) What’s your favorite part about working at POSH PR® ?

The poodle.


(1) Favorite weekend activity:  Surfing or Paddle Boarding!

(2) Favorite Starbucks drink:  Can I say Chickfila Sweet tea!?

(3) New York City or Hawaii: Sorry Virginia, but I have to say Hawaii!!!!!!

(4) Chocolate or Skittles? Dove Chocolate

(5) Salad or Burger:  A burger salad with french fries. #allthefries