Marketing to Millenials

You know how in high school it was always the popular girls who were throwing the parties? What do you think came first, Dolls? The chicken or the egg, the popularity or the party? #THEPRDOLLS would like to argue for the latter. If your parent was out of town, it was your obligation to throw a party (or, at least that’s how it always goes down in the movies). And then, popularity ensues. Suddenly YOU are the one everybody wants to hang out with.

When it comes to marketing, the same rules apply, Dolls. Yes, we may live in a digital world, but at the end of the day, nothing replaces face-to-face engagement. While it is true that millennials are spending more and more time on social media, millennial are also investing more in live experiences (albeit, to showcase on social media). A study conducted by Eventbrite revealed that 78 percent of Millenials would rather spend their money on experiences than things — we’re running an experience economy. In fact, “72 percent say they’d like to increase their spending on experiences rather than physical things in the next year…”

So, whens that party happening, Dolls?

POSH PR® started out with a speciality in pink and red carpet events. We have worked with Tiffany & Co. for shopping events. We have helped Saks Fifth Avenue put on fun, pop-up fashion shows. This October will hold the second of one of our biggest events, Love Story! A fashion-infused wedding experience in the heart of Short Pump Town Center.

Whenever we work with a client to execute an event, we always ask what their end goal is. Is it to sell? To grow an online presence? Is it to offer an experience?! shared a survey of marketers wherein the “…respondents said live events were the most effective marketing channel to drive key business objectives. Interviewees actually ranked live events as more effective than digital advertising, content marketing or email marketing.”

Let us help you plan your brand’s launch party, Dolls. Let’s plan that networking meeting (or join #THEPRDOLLS monthly meetings!). The parents are out-of-town, let’s throw that party! 


Caroline + The PR Dolls