5 Ways To Know You Are Ready For Professional PR

Do you want to elevate your business and take it to the next level? You may consider hiring a PR agency for professional representation.  You may be wondering how to know if you are ready for this next step. Well, we’ve made it easy for you! Here’s a list of five ways to know if you are ready for professional PR:

You are launching a NEW business

If you are gearing up to launch a new business you should definitely seek professional PR.  When it comes to launching a new business, a PR agency will help your brand make its debut into the world and guide you through the launch process.  Some agencies, like POSH PR®, for example, offer customizable services tailored specifically towards a new business launch.  You can even customize the length of time you want to work with the agency. Some of our clients are under contract all year long.  With others, we facilitate their needs over a shorter 3-month term, specifically targeting their launch.  An agency can assist with many of your new business launch needs, from digital representation, branding and positioning, editorial and media outreach—and even help throw you a fabulous launch party!


You want to refresh your brand and position your message in a new light

If you want to take your current business climate and reposition your brand to tell a new story or attract a new client, a PR agency can support you through this process!  So many businesses suffer because they fail to diversify their products and/or services to cater to their ideal client. A PR agency can help you transition your existing message to a fresh, new story that is exciting to tell. We love strategizing with our clients on the best ways they can evolve their brand in order to increase sales!  A PR agency can help with your elevator pitch, write copy for your website and social media platforms, and can even produce an editorial photo shoot for branded content.

You want your brand featured in the media

Are you looking for promotion on TV and/or other media outlets?  A PR agency can assist with all of your media buying and monitor your advertising analytics to ensure maximum exposure.  They will negotiate advertising rates for your business and can even get you FREE media exposure at times!  A PR agency will help strategize on the best way to utilize your media coverage in order to tell your brand’s story.  At POSH PR®, we like to ensure our clients are “TV ready” and assist with writing TV talking points, booking beauty and wardrobe consulting, and coordinate the styling of the filming space. 

You’re looking for a brand ambassador + influencer

When you hire a PR agency, your brand has a cool, calm and professional voice to act as a brand ambassador.  As a business owner, we can anticipate an abundance of victories, but we never like to think of the difficult scenarios and situations that may occur. An agency will represent your brand and put out fires in a composed manor,  while staying true to your business ethics and morals.  A PR agency can also act as your brand’s media representative.  So many of our clients want to be featured on TV but do not want to be the ones on camera!  At Posh PR, we quickly found a solution to this problem and have our very own TV show to promote our clients called the Lifestyle & Fashion Guide with The Caroline Doll.  Our influencer membership can be customized to fit your needs.  Most agencies can assist with securing influencers, at POSH PR® we promote you on our platforms as well as partner your brand with other top influencers. 

You are looking to make strategic business contacts

A PR agency’s job is to know EVERYONE! As a business owner, there will be things that you had no idea you would ever need. When you work with an agency, they become your resource to strategic business connections.  In the end, your agency’s connections will save you time and money while you continue to grow your business!  From media contacts to professional photographers, an agency can act as a one-stop-shop for all of your business needs.  For our POSH PR® clients, we love being able to guide them into strategic alliances and partnerships that will help enhance their overall vision and direction.

The second you decide to hire a boutique PR agency, your business has a new best friend, publicist and strategist. Can you identify with any of the top 5 reasons to hire professional PR? We’d love to chat with you!