The Doll Dictionary: PR Terms Defined

Brand Development: creating an overall look, feel and mood to represent your brand

Content Creation: curating branded images that can be shared on social media platforms in order to connect with your ideal client 

Current Business Climate: where your business is right NOW! What your website + branding looks like, who your clients are, how many followers you have, what services you are currently offering and what your pricing structure looks like TODAY.

Editorial + Media Outreach: connecting your brand's story with the media in a meaningful way

Email Marketing Campaigns: development of an email strategy to engage and educate your target audience

Exceptional Results: results tailored to fit your business goals and expectations

Fashion Infused: the cohesive blend of high fashion with a luxurious lifestyle

Flatlay: a styled image taken from a bird's eye view that is strategically curated for sharing on social media


Ideal Client: a client that is the definition of who you want your business to connect with, work with and serve

Influencer Marketing: bridging the gap between the consumer and the brand by utilizing a representative to influence the purchase of your products or services

Media Buying: the purchase, negotiation and analysis of TV/media advertising on behalf of your brand

Press Kit Development: creating a sales tool to be used to market your products and services

Press Release Distribution: a written announcement about your business shared with strategic media partners for maximum exposure

Product Placement: connecting your products with the right retailers

Social Media Strategy + Implementation: the creation and execution of your digital presence with curated images, content and strategic hashtags to use across social media platforms